A family story

It all started in September 1967 when Maude bought 8 dresses and the adventure began. Nowadays Boutique Maude is the ultimate stop in Laval, offering an international fashion selection of products at the best price with an incomparable service as well as a dedicated team who are making you feel like you have your very own stylist. The store has become a true fashion institution throughout the industry.

Your satisfaction

For the past 55 years, Boutique Maude has built a loyal and diverse clientele coming from all parts of Canada.  That community of followers has grown season after season due to their solid reputation which has resulted in a loyalty and trust in the heart of its customers.

Their solid presence on social media has occasioned a growth in their followers, which continuously awaiting news and the informative fashion videos posted regularly. We are seeing a snowball effect resulting in an increase in our younger professional clientele.

Une Histoire de Famille

From one generation to the next

Maude’s son, Sylvain, leaded the family business for over 38 years.  He knew just how to follow his mom’s footsteps and offer the same quality, variety at the best price.  The loyalty and trust that was built solidified the amazing relationship with their suppliers.  Sylvain always said that one of his main focuses was to offer “the latest trend at the best price”.  It was in 2020 that Sylvain passed the torch to his daughter Emilie.

New challenge

Emilie obtained her bachelor’s degree in Fashion Business Management from the prestigious New York Fashion Institute of Technology.  Taking over the family business was not part of her original plan.  Through the years she acquired a solid experience while working for important manufacturers and importers both in New York and Montreal.  In 2019, her plans changed, and Emilie knew that she was ready to take over and pursue her grand-mother’s dream as well as her dad’s legacy.

Emilie Gamache
Boutique Maude Emilie Gamache

A breath of fresh air

For Emilie, taking over the family business meant happiness and a well-balanced life.  She took over the lead of her grand-mother’s store with pride and determination the head full of ideas and ready to bring it to the next chapter.  Her youth, creativity as well as her international experiences were skills and assets that to this day keeps on making Boutique Maude unique.  Emilie’s youth was a true breath of fresh air while maintaining the store’s identity and mission.

A passionate and dedicated team

Boutique Maude could not exist without its AMAZING team of dedicated and passionate sales associates.  Thanks to their great expertise, they provide the best advice and offer clothing that enhances customers and that really meets their needs.  The team aims to make each client feel beautiful and good about themselves.

Équipe Boutique Maude
Maude 545 Hauterive Duvernay

Unparalled service

One thing that sets the store apart is, without a doubt the shopping experience offered.  Indeed, it is one of a kind.  As soon as they arrive, customers are greeted by members of the team.  They are then accompanied throughout their shopping.  Thanks to their great listening skills, the stylists offer outfits that reflect the taste and needs of clients.  They can thus leave with confidence and with image-based clothing.

Our values




Success story

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